Sunday, January 15, 2023

What Makes a Steam Shower Different?

 Are you thinking about upgrading your shower to a steam shower? 

Do you want to add a little luxury into your bathroom space? 

A steam shower can upgrade your space and includes therapeutic features. 

What makes a steam shower different? 

steam shower ann arbor
When designing most showers for a new bathroom or bathroom remodel, proper ventilation of the steam and moisture created during a hot shower is a design feature. However, there is one type of shower where the shower design works to contain that steam within the shower, Steam Showers.  In the steam shower design, the glass walls and doors extend from floor to ceiling.  Another unique feature that is available on steam showers is an operable transom.  The transom acts as a small window above the shower door.  This gives you the ability to let some of the steam escape to better regulate the temperature.

Learn more about if a steam shower in Ann Arbor is right for you here! 

Update Your Bathroom with a Steam Shower in Ann Arbor 

Are you ready to steam your stress away from the comfort of your home bathroom? Installing a steam shower in your bathroom adds a unique feature that sets your home apart from the rest! Contact us today at 734-426-5600 and visit our Ann Arbor showroom to see shower styles in person.

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