Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Can Any Bathroom Contain a Steam Shower?

 Are you thinking about doing some bathroom renovations?

Do you want to upgrade your shower experience to something more luxurious? 

Before committing to a steam shower in Ann Arbor, makes sure it’s the right fit for your space.

Can any bathroom have a steam shower?  

steam shower ann arbor
No.  The shower area needs to be constructed of materials that are resistant to water and moisture.  The entire space, including the ceiling, would need to be tiled.  Drywall and other pervious materials will be damaged from the moisture generated in a steam shower.  The light fixture that may be present in the steam shower may also need to be designed to withstand high humidity.

Before making any commitments to a shower style, make sure it’s suitable to your space or that you’re ready for a full bathroom remodel! If a steam shower isn’t right for you, consider updating your space with a sleek glass shower door.

Learn more about what makes a steam shower stand out here! 

Is a Steam Shower in Ann Arbor the Right Fit for You? 

A steam shower is a stylish and sleek way to update your bathroom with the added bonus of steam therapy! If a steam shower is right for you, contact us today at 734-426-5600 to get started on your remodel. 

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