Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Shower Door Options for Your Bathroom Remodel

 Are you ready to get rid of your bathtub? 

Do you want to upgrade your space, but don’t know which option is best? 

Working with an experienced shower door provider ensures you’ll have the best options for your bathroom remodel in Ann Arbor.

Here are a couple glass shower door options when replacing your tub for a standing shower: 

bathroom remodel ann arbor
Sliding Door: A sliding shower door is the most space efficient design for a tub to shower replacement.  This eliminates many of the issues of trying to accommodate a swinging door in a more compact space.  Some homeowners have been turned off sliding doors because they are expecting fully framed, low end sliding doors that they have seen in older or other homes.  There is a wide range of attractive, high-end sliding shower doors available.  For example, barn door sliders provide a frameless look with the space saving features of a slider.

Door & Panel: A typical tub is about 60” wide, a door & panel arrangement would have a door on one
side and glass panel on the other.  The size of the door will be determined by the constraints of the space.  While a 28” door is typical, a narrower door may be needed if there are other obstructions like the vanity or the toilet.  

For more information about replacing your bathtub with a standing shower, click here! 

Glass Shower Doors Make the Difference for Your Bathroom Remodel Ann Arbor 

Have an idea for your bathroom remodel? Working with experienced shower door providers means your remodel dreams can be made a reality. Contact us at 734-426-5600 for expert suggestions and installation. 

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