Friday, July 15, 2022

Clear vs. Obscure Glass

Glass Shower Doors Ann Arbor
Are you remodeling your bathroom?

Considering a new shower?

What do you know about shower glass?


One of the primary choices in configuring your new shower door is selecting the type of glass used.  


When it comes to the color or pattern of glass used, you should ask yourself how much you want to be able to see in and out of your shower. There are different types of obscured and patterned glass that provide privacy. The downside to this privacy is that it also obscures the beautiful new tile that you might have recently installed as a part of your bathroom remodel. Most homeowners choose clear glass for frameless showers and use other methods like the bathroom door to maintain privacy, but ultimately the look of your bathroom is a personal choice.


Clear glass allows you to show off your shower and tile while also making the bathroom feel more open. It is generally going to be the least expensive option. Keep in mind that clear glass typically has a slight green tint to it, however, there is low-iron glass available for shower doors that removes most of that greenish tint and allows the true colors of your tile to be seen through the glass.  


There are several types of patterned glass used in showers. They provide privacy while still letting light in. The most common patterns in showers are Rain, Aquatex, and Bubbles. Another option for privacy is Satin or Acid Etched glass. This glass does not have a texture like the others but does provide privacy for the shower occupant.


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